Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How To Run PHP Project

Running a php code in your local computer is very simple. You will need a Web Server like Apache and PHP. If you want to run some database related code like login validation, and other database related tasks, you need a database server like MySQL.
You can install all of them individually, but a single product like WAMP Server will make everything easy. WAMP stands for Windows Apache MySQL and PHP. Installing and running WAMP Server is very easy when compared to others. And you don't need to configure hard stuff. Just follow the procedure.

Installin WAMP Server to run PHP:

  1. Goto and download WAMP Server.
  2. Just install it like other softwares by just clicking next next...
  3. Now go to START menu of windows and start wampserver.
    Generally, the path is Start -> WapmServer -> start WampServer
  4. Open your web browser and type http://localhost (or ) 
    If you see a default WampServer home page, you installation is success.
  5. Now put your php code in www folder in your wamp installation directory.
    Usually this is C:\wamp\www
  6. Now type http://localhost/filename.php in your browser.   (where filename is your php file name)
    It will execute your php code.. Thats it...

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